Stargazer Lily Flower - Beautiful Live plants, Beautiful long lasting fragrance

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Stargazer Flower
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Live Stargazer Lily Flower Fragrant Plant - Beautiful Flower that will soon blossom!

1 Stargazer Lily Flower

Add this gorgeous and extra fragrant Stargazer Lily Plant to your yard and it will flower come back with more blooms next year! One of the strongest smelling lilies and large beautiful pink and white will surely be the showstopper of your garden collection! Add this amazing plant to your moon garden! Beautiful as flower centerpieces, cut blooms can fill your whole house with a lasting fragrance!

1 Stargazer lily flower (unbloomed) with rooted bulb. This plant will spread and multiply with each year.


Stargazer Lily  Flower. Ready to bloom in your yard!  Listing is for 1 stargazer lily flower that is attached to its root bulb.  Please plant and enjoy this amazing flower blooming in your garden.  Will return next year after blooms are spent.  

Always in demand and always selling out, Stargazer Lilies are one of the most exquisite flowers.  The Long lasting and strong fragrance of the Stargazer Lily makes it a showstopper in every garden.  Keep them blooming outside or cut them for beautiful bouquets.  Plant them once and they come back year after year!  Gift that keeps on giving!  Get them now before they sell out!